Mutatis Mutandis
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World History

This began as an X-MUX; the theme revolving around the struggle of mutant kind in a primarily human world, but since our initial conception, we have included other elements of myth that we think makes the world more well-rounded and interesting. There are more elements of the vampire myths and inclusions from faerie, were-creatures of various kinds, and other things that are in keeping with the struggles a mutant world faces; inner turmoil, and the struggle to get by in a world designed to be difficult for anything or anyone not fitting into the norm of average human expectations.

We began by picking a particular point in continuity from the X-Men's story that we knew would offer us an incredible amount of freedom for exploration and co-creating a diverse new world. It offers a rich crucible for this exploration, as well as being open to added elements from other stories. This nexus of elements makes the experience more well-rounded. It is a world of stories created with mutants and magic, one differing from being 'just another super hero world' in that the lines are not so clearly drawn nor so simple as black and white, good and evil... this is a world with multicolored hues of various levels of shadow and light.

We want to emphasize the struggle between human and other-kind, and as a consequence, will encourage those who create conflicts with and against strong anti-mutant sentiment in the forms of Genosha, corporate America, and in grassroots anti-mutant or anti-otherkin movements. We want to encourage ongoing conflict and resolution of conflict between all factions of humanity and other kind alike. It takes conflict to drive a plot, and a plot to make a story.

Here the children of the atom, the children of darkness, and the children of the twilight meet in a playground we try to make as nearly resembling what our own world might be like if these kinds of things were more strongly apparent.