Mutatis Mutandis
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Apply for a Character
Character Guidelines
Policy and Rules
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Although Mutatis Mutandis is a largely free-form roleplaying environment, there are still rules and guidelines that have been established to help make the game enjoyable for all.

Apply for a Character
Join us, and help to make the world of Mutatis Mutandis more unique. Find out what kind of characters you can play and how to apply for your new life!
*apply for a character on mutatis mutandis
Character Guidelines
It's not enough to know your genetic makeup to play on MMMUX, as a player you also need to know some basic rules and guidelines.
*rules and guidelines for characters
Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines
Just as with the game rules, roleplaying guidelines are established with the intent of making the game as much fun as possible for players and admin alike.
*roleplay by the rules
Game Rules and Guidelines
Most of these rules are based in common sense, but spelling it all out makes sure players and admin are on the same page.
*play the game by the rules
Imm's, Wizzes, Imp's and Gods
The titles change from game to game, but the concept is the same: these people run the game. Find out who runs the game, and how.
*mmmux administration